Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Art of planning...(for Art)

As an artist I find that I am almost always creating something,...wherever I go. It seems that I somehow find inspiration in the most obvious and most strange of places. Sometimes I start doodling and it turns into a huge piece,...but I ended up making it with cheap paints, sharpies, pencil, on copy paper, a napkin, my blackbook or whatever was in front of me at the time. I am rethinking many things I do as an artist these days; one of them being more prepared to create finished works using quality materials. I am now planning to purchase a decent sized, yet very portable carrying portfolio case, and will have some preferred pieces of hq artist boards and papers that I like to work on. I am starting to assume and anticipate that there is a crazy good chance that whatever I am working on will be brought to completion as a finished, presentable, sell-able piece of art. Feels good to make some deliberate, mature decisions to move forward as an artist and take my work more seriously. The trick in all of this is, of course, to not take myself too seriously and still start off as carefree whimsy if I so desire...

update on runaway painting in my blackbook

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sketch in my BlackBook-12.22.10

Thinking Cap-sketch
Been soaking in a lot of art lately and messing with ideas...Here's a sketch I finished last night. I started this on the plane out here to MA and worked on it here and there over coffee and down time.This would be a super colorful painting if it goes that far...

Daniel Langhans-Artbrains-Has A Slight Obsession With Art

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Prints Are Now Available!

Hey Everyone,

After many requests for my work, I decided to make poster art prints of some of my paintings, drawings, mixed media and illustrations. I am excited to have posted the first few prints available on my new Etsy account ( If all goes well, I will be posting more prints of more of my artwork. If you have specific requests for pieces of mine, you can make a request either here on my blog, Etsy account or through facebook. If you would like to browse through some of my work, please feel free to look through some art albums on fb at:
As many of you know, I am always creating artwork in one form or another, so this may take me in any given direction. I have already considered providing one-off screenprinted apparel, hand-painted vintage ties, and honestly, drawings and random rad stuff that needs to find a loving home. So, this Etsy thing should be a fun venture.

I have had so many custom requests for paintings, tattoo designs, skateboard graphics, t-shirts, etc., and this blog and my Etsy account should be a great venue for you to make a specific request. More requests for a specific type of item might get me to create more work in that direction...Who knows, may have some influence in where I go with this....

I have also recently started considering producing greeting cards, both with my stranger art and intentionally encouraging artwork, and poster art for kids and teens. This more encouraging line of work might have helpful Scriptures from God's word, all time great quotes etc, positive messages etc...

This will be fun seeing where this takes my artwork...

Love to hear your input.

Sincerely Inspired,

Daniel Langhans