Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Art of planning...(for Art)

As an artist I find that I am almost always creating something,...wherever I go. It seems that I somehow find inspiration in the most obvious and most strange of places. Sometimes I start doodling and it turns into a huge piece,...but I ended up making it with cheap paints, sharpies, pencil, on copy paper, a napkin, my blackbook or whatever was in front of me at the time. I am rethinking many things I do as an artist these days; one of them being more prepared to create finished works using quality materials. I am now planning to purchase a decent sized, yet very portable carrying portfolio case, and will have some preferred pieces of hq artist boards and papers that I like to work on. I am starting to assume and anticipate that there is a crazy good chance that whatever I am working on will be brought to completion as a finished, presentable, sell-able piece of art. Feels good to make some deliberate, mature decisions to move forward as an artist and take my work more seriously. The trick in all of this is, of course, to not take myself too seriously and still start off as carefree whimsy if I so desire...

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